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4.5G has almost arrived in Northern Cyprus!

With a major technological breakthrough, Northern Cyprus will launch 4.5G mobile services that provide higher internet speeds and improved connectivity to its citizens. The new service is expected to revolutionize the telecommunications industry in the region and put Northern Cyprus on par with the latest technological advances.

In the statement made by the Northern Cyprus Telecommunication Department, it was stated that the 4.5G service will be commissioned very soon and the service will be offered to all users. The new network will offer download speeds of up to 1 Gbps, which is significantly faster than the existing 3G network in the region.

The move is part of the government's efforts to provide faster and more reliable mobile services to its citizens and to attract investment in the region. The new network is expected to benefit not only individuals but also businesses by providing higher internet speeds and improved connectivity for their operations.

The launch of 4.5G services is an important milestone for Northern Cyprus and demonstrates the region's commitment to technological growth.

The new network is planned to lay the foundation for the development of new applications and services, thereby strengthening the regional economy and accelerating growth in the telecommunications industry.

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